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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Free Pre Game

Chan v Pennetta
Bangkok Open Final

Two players in a good period in their
Careers chan reached Quarter-Finals
In Kolkata and Pennetta Semi-Finals
In Japan Open recently

Players never met each Other before
Pen is 4 years older than chan 22
And holding 3 wta titles while chan
Has No title but a promising Player
At age 18. Pennetta worked harder
During the tournament to beat hard
Opposition she is stronger and she
Should win the match.

Match scheduled time 10:00 GMT

Game plan

Pennetta might get in to trouble against
The ambitious chan but will win the match
There for backing her at the price of 1.3 and
Above is a good move back from the start with
Part of your max stake and follow the game if she
Gets in to trouble add to your stake at better odds
Only once more during set 1 if the game goes into
3 sets back more between the sets.

Video is available on Betfair for this match

Target ROI for the match 30% - 80%

Good luck

if you win nice please donate trading tennis
any donation is welcome 1 euro to 100


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