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Friday, October 19, 2007

Sign that it’s not our day

What a day, what can a trader say in a day like this. It all start like any regular day with a good tournament to bring in. I started the day backing Ancic out of value at 3.8 and sold with an order at 3, I managed to do that twice leaving me with 700 on Ancic than I went for launch and left an order at 1.85 to split for an each way win than it all started.

I came back from launch and saw that Ancic lost ( which is not the surprise) but the fact that odds went up to 1.8 top side on Djokovic which ment my order did not match and I made only 2.1 instead of the 300 I planed to. I decided to keep my Head up and look at the games I saw kuznetsova down a set going to start the second set. I layed Schiavone at 1.25 and Kuznetsova answered my called and immediate broke her odds on Kuznestova went down from 4 to 1.7 and I started closing my position immediate I closed the risk and wanted to have a nice each way leave a order to lay kuznestova at 1.7. Than it all started again only 50 of 1400 was matched and she was broken back a game after. I still had my order in, I knew (at least had the feeling it will touch it for sure) but against all the odds (in my view) she retired at 3-3, by the way ( I had 3,300 on Kuznetsova and 80 on Schiavone). Than came Rafa with the killer blow, while Nalbandian played like a king causing Rafa to look like Christophe Rochus 167 in the world with height of 5’7” or (170 cm). making Rafa look like a kid with rafa only picking 3 games.

This is a good sign not to play any more I was more than lucky to exist a day like this with a profit of 87 instead of loss of at least 1,000 with all 3 games.

Its Friday therefore I will go have a beer now and forget the games for today.


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