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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dancevic v Hernandez


SheffStudent said...

This match costme£100 which was1/3 of my balance thru trading with this guy i have won2 matches and lost 5 and recorded a loss of 175.78 just thought people should beaware that it isnt that great,

Anonymous said...

how did you lose?
if we all ended positive?

did you not have enough
money to trade during
the match?

did you just back 100
and hope dancevic will


Anonymous said...

how did you put 1/3
of your balance on one match?
you can't be trading with us


Anonymous said...

did you come back
to trade on the second
day of the match?

you got to be laying
trading tennis is great
i ended positive 53 times
and made 4356 euro with RC

your terms win or lose
are not correct you got

you can lose the stake
or close the position and end positive on both players
you have to be doing somthing wrong


Anonymous said...

did you leave the match
in the middle?

Anonymous said...

all of the traders
came out green of
this match you must
have done somthing