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Thursday, April 28, 2011

trading in poland


Your blog is a big inspiration for a lot of people who trade on betfair.
I didn`t join to your class, but still trade.
Propably, we have two diffrent tactics, maybe very similar,
but everything what you write on your blog is true.
Patience and calm are very important. I`m not worried
about making some mistake. We don`t have to predict who
win the match. Just trading.

Kind of regards

thank you very much for your mail

learn alone or from a good teacher,
stay away from bad company.
good luck.

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Anonymous said...

In search of good tennis tips I found this blog, I'm thrilled with what is traded for a tangible understanding here.
(Note: This is a Google translation, my english is too bad!)
A.E. from Bavaria/Germany