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Sunday, April 17, 2011

thank you for you mail

we were there at the right moments
doing what we always do. we took a
loss at times, but continued to set
the trading targets correct, when ever
the markets offered a chance for prizes
worth the risk. till the last match of
the tournament.

and that's why the tournament ends so well.

there is no way to trade in the markets
other than with proper education and discipline

all the rest alone or in a group is pure gambling
it doesn't not matter if you gamble on the outcome
of the match or the next point. avoid gambling!

thanking all those who contribute back to this blog


Anonymous said...

i learned to stay away from
cheap people who give bad
advice. and only look for
free stuff all day they were
bad influence and i am
glad i got good education

Anonymous said...

in east europe
there are many
types like that
i know what you mean
poor people over there