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Monday, June 27, 2011

Kubot v F Lopez

big plesure to deliver
with people around the world
we don't chat, we don't ask how
your wife is, we don't discuss
"so who do you think will win the match?"
it's not like a gamblers bar

we simply professionally trade

1 comment:

Anonymous said... name's stefan and i want to congratulation for what u able to do on the tennis market and for your ability to win a big profit. i want to asking you if i have any chance to get some lessons from you or to give some advice,tips or ideas to become like you a good trader. about me i can say i betting at betfair from last year just football games and i did pretty good but now is a dead period until middle of august.
and if u want and have time to help me to be a good trader i will appreciate souch much.
best regards stefan