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Friday, August 19, 2011

tips for good trading

there are two types of trading in the
tennis markets.

one is based on trying to predict match
course or outcome.

the other one is based on taking oppertunity
with out trying to predict the match course.

i can't say which is better. the best is what
works for you. but i can say even the best match
analysts in the world can't make money of gambling
beacuse it's built mathematicly to lose.

that's why math and financal knowledge must come
in the picture to help when you operate in the market
and every decision must be calculated in advance.

you do not need many techqniques and strategies
you need to be consistent and master just a few.

do not look for excitment in your trading it's
an enemy.

follow many matches but act in only a few.

you can mail for more questions

good luck!

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