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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ferrero v Verdasco

when a good tournament is on it's good to follow matches
at any time, cause you never know when market will offer
good conditions and opportunity will arise.

good traders follow markets patiantly and
control them selfs in when to get involved.

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Tulpan said...

Did something on this match, then lost on Tsonga.
I now understand that trading and gambling (even inplay) are different and feel somehow confused, how to behave when i have green on one player at some point of the match. If you would share your view on this, i would be very grateful.
It is been understood by me, that every situation is different, and better be safe than sorry, but still, in your experience, it is more profitable to dismiss gambling completely?
And always green up small, than go for bigger prize and hope ( oh my greedy internal gambler) that you did the right choice of winning side?

Anonymous said...

thank you

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