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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

more trades coming soon

in the next week more trades will
be preform if the market allows

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Tennis Trade Strategies said...

Djokovic vs. Monaco... great Swing.. Djokovic at 2.40 after break in 2nd set... took it and traded out too early at 1.51 after rebreak and hold... he took the 2md set 6-1 ending 1.15... now thats a swing... I know you see these comments, too bad you aint approving any of them. I would like to learn some stuff from you. but seriously you charge way too much for me to afford. But still I must admit your blog is aspiring and I think I become a better trader due to following and getting a hint here and there from your posts.

But I really like to know how you decide to step in and to keep rolling the money train or when you're getting out and why. I was down 20% in that game before i took the 2.40 and ended up 30% and took it. Great deal, but still wrong mindset!? I should've stayed for the end of the set or at least the coming up double break to clear around 75% green. That is jackpot, but I can't figure out what I need to do to keep my mindset right to take these chances. Any advice, expect purchasing your lessing for a couple of hundreds?

Thanks, even if you aint gonna anwser.