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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

keeping an eye on the tour

we don't get involve in too many matches here on TD, it could be destructive to get involved in match after waist your day instead of going to work get addictive and lose money. the nature of sport gambling is to lose money and between that and trading on a sport event is a fine line. instead we go to work like normal people keep an eye on the tours at all time make sure to get involved in those matches where the risk taken is the minimal and the profit possible is maximal. in the rest of the time we follow new players new trading methods new investment strategies in tennis markets and other forms of investment such as the bitcoin digital currency which is yielding nice profits. maybe at some point betfair will accept it as currency although winds from current management are not as inoventive as the founders team was. get on our list for the next live trade to feel the action. take the class to get full understanding of what we do.

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