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Thursday, July 3, 2008

O2 Arena new home for Masters Cup Final

The Tennis Masters Cup, now re-named the ATP World Tour
Final, will move from Shanghai to the 20,000 capacity
London O2 arena in 2009.

The event will bring the eight best singles and doubles
players in the world to the arena hard court surface,
and award over £2.2 million in prize money. The event
will be joint-promoted by the ATP and AEG, the owners
of the O2 Arena.

“The world’s best tennis players coming together in
the unique and iconic setting of London’s O2 Arena
to decide who will be crowned ATP World Tour Final
champion is simply an irresistible and potent mix,"
said Etienne de Villiers, Executive Chairman of the
ATP. Roger Federer, World No1 said: “I’m sure it will
be a spectacular event in what looks like a fantastic

The World Tour Final will replace the Tennis Masters
Cup, currently held in Shanghai’s Qi Zhong Tennis
Centre, as the men’s tour’s season finale.

Television coverage of the 2007 Cup was watched by
a cumulative world wide audience of 150 million
tennis fans.


Anonymous said...

the masters
is coming
to the uk!!!

Anonymous said...

Good news for tennis fans!

Anonymous said...

Great news for U.K. tennis fans and others.