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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Richard Williams fly back home, ahead of Wimbledon final

Sisters Serena and Venus Williams will clash in Wimbledon 2008
final, their father Richard won't be there to watch because
he simply can't bear to be there while his daughters play
against each other. Instead, he will fly back home to the
United States.

"If your kids got into a fight with each other, could you
stand to watch that? That's the way I feel," said
Richard Williams.

"I feel that they are fighting against each other so
I wouldn't watch it. I will be on a plane at 36,000
feet," he said. "It is too emotional for me."

The final to take place on Saturday will be the third
championship match at Wimbledon that the sisters will
play against each other. Defending champion Venus has
lost to Serena twice, and is therefore looking for revenge.

Venus and Serena have six Wimbledon titles between them.
(source: Reuters)

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